Plant Camp is a week long urban church planting immersion. For three weeks this summer, Plant4theGospel is hosting ministry boot camps for teenagers and adults from all across the country. We'll pack in a full schedule of ministry philosophy, advertising for a new church plant, downtown ministry, and on the ground evangelism. Would you follow along and pray with us that God would use these groups as they spread out across our city in children's events, gospel conversations, and church encouragement? Our prayer is that God would work through each group that comes to reach out to both the community here in SLC and their neighborhoods back home with a greater burden for gospel ministry.




  • hit the streets
    informing the city about Gospel Grace Church


  • love the people
    serving the needs of the city


  • share Jesus
    seeking to engage new gospel conversations



  • church planting philosophy
    9 workshops and services - why plant a church?, The mission of a healthy church member, what is the gospel, how to share Christ across cultural contexts, discipleship 101, etc...
  • hands on workshop
    practical ministry instruction and immediate opportunities to practice and implement
  • small group discipleship
    Philippians - Live Worthy of the Gospel


Why Salt Lake City?

Of the 2.6 million people in Utah, over 2 million live within one hour of downtown Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake City region has the youngest population in the U.S., the highest birthrate in the U.S., the most educated adult workforce, and the lowest number of gospel preaching churches per person of any state in the country.

Though Salt Lake City has been viewed as a predominantly Mormon stronghold, "only" 45% of Salt Lakers claim to be connected to the LDS church. The opportunities to reach religious and irreligious, disaffected and heavily involved in the LDS church are huge! God has opened an incredible door to share the gospel with a needy, diverse people in this city. We believe that "a great door and effectual is opened unto [us], and there are many adversaries." (1 Cor. 16:9). Though the field may prove difficult, our team must obey God's call to go into the city and plant multiple churches to share the gospel with these people.